The California Northern Bankruptcy Court is the area or district that our firm covers. California has four bankruptcy court districts – California Central Bankruptcy Court, California Eastern Bankruptcy Court, California Northern Bankruptcy Court, and California Southern Bankruptcy Court. Each district is made up of different divisions. Each division has a different court location and different practices and procedures.

People sometimes ask me if I will go to a different district so I can take their case. This is something that I rarely do because of the additional time that I would have to put into handling the case. It is usually best for me to refer the person to a colleague that works in that district. Not only would I have substantial additional travel time but in most cases I would have to spend time finding out what the local rules require and what practices vary in that district.

Isn’t the Bankruptcy Law the Same in Every Court?

It’s true that the federal law is the same for all bankruptcy courts. But it’s equally true that each district has its own specific procedures. Not only that, but each division within a district has its own local rules and practices. California Northern Bankruptcy Court has an Oakland Division, a San Jose Division, a Santa Rosa Division, and a San Francisco Division. Each of these divisions has its own judge(s) and trustees and its own local practices and policies.

What Counties are in the California Northern Bankruptcy Court District?

California Northern Bankruptcy Court encompasses the following: Alameda and Contra Costa counties are in the Oakland Division. San Benito, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, and Monterey counties are in the San Jose Division. Del Norte, Humboldt, Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, and Sonoma counties are in the Santa Rosa Division. San Francisco and San Mateo counties are in the San Francisco Division.

If you are considering filing bankruptcy find out what division and district your prospective attorney is familiar with. It is generally best to choose one who has some experience in the court where you need to file.

Other California Divisions can be found at the United States Ninth Circuit Court Locator.

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